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The Gratitude Awards

Move to SOCAP14!

The Gratitude Network is pleased to announce that it is partnering with SOCAP, the largest event organizer in the Social/Impact & Innovative space. This year’s Intersection event will be merged with SOCAP14, to be held in San Francisco from September 2-5.

Our Gratitude Awards will be held during SOCAP14.

For social entrepreneurs: To apply for a scholarship to SOCAP or a Gratitude Award, please click here.

We’re Moving to SOCAP14! Please Join us!

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About Get to know us

The Intersection is a one-day gathering of innovative thinkers, designed to stir your creative imagination, vision and action-planning strategies.

We bring leading innovators from a number of fields to share their thoughts about up-and-coming trends in personal, team and organizational creativity, as well as social impact. Uncover new ideas, tools and “intersections” that can be applied to your personal or professional life and help inspire social change.

The Intersection will focus on innovation as an effective way to impact the most critical social and economic challenges of our time – social empowerment, emerging country access to technology, innovation, education, ideas and capital; health and sanitation, poverty, empowerment, and the global environment.

The Intersection is not only ABOUT innovation and social change, it is itself a model for social change. Each year, we host the Gratitude Awards, which are designed to take our event proceeds and matching funds from affiliated sponsors and immediately give something back to social entrepreneurs – a new form of “crowd-funding” (call it “event-funding”!)

To create the proper mood, we chose the world-renowned Googleplex as the setting for this cutting-edge event. Count on several surprises on-site and opportunities to learn more about what has made Google one of the most successful companies of our time.

This engaging day is designed as an intimate gathering, where you will have time to connect with our speakers to catalyze personal creativity, recharge your focus and consider how innovation impacts social issues today—and in the future.

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About Who Should Attend

At The Intersection, our audience is as engaging as our speakers.

If you are an executive or academic leader focused on innovation, or a professional from the arts, science, technology or other disciplines, this is the place for you to engage your curiosity and passion in an effort to improve your business and the world around you.

We will be selecting 300 attendees for this event, 40 of which will be top students* from the world’s finest business schools, poised to make an impact on the future with knowledge acquired through The Intersection.

The Intersection guarantees quality content to participants, we will happily refund the attendance fee to anyone who feels they failed to gain valuable relationships, insights and ideas.

Speakers The Intersection 2013

Hargadon-color Steve Hargadon Director of the Web 2.0 Labs
Sheryl-color Sheryl Wudunn Senior Managing Director, Mid-Market Securities
goldman-color Peter Goldmark Chairman, Ashoka Changemakers Global Council
Tim-color Tim O’Reilly CEO of O'Reilly Media
Jennifer-Pahlka Jennifer Pahlka Founder & Executive Director, Code for America
greg-color Greg Brandeau CTO, Walt Disney
billd-color Bill Draper Managing Partner, Draper Richards
lorraine-color Lorraine Twohill Vice President, Global Marketing
evan-color Evan Williams Co-Founder of Twitter and CEO of The Obvious Corporation
maureen-color Maureen Devlin Educator, Wayland Public Schools
reid-color Reid Hoffman Executive Chairman of LinkedIn and Partner, Greylock Capital
nathan-color Nathan Myhrvold Former CTO of Microsoft and Founder of Intellectual Ventures
helene-color Helene D. Gayle President and CEO of CARE USA
eric-color Eric Nadelstern Former Deputy Chancellor of NY City Public School System
steve-color Steve Jurvetson Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson
jason-color Jason Yotopoulos Executive Vice President Global Research and Business Incubation at SAP
marla-color Marla Olmstead Artist
frans-color Frans Johansson Author, The Medici Effect and The Click Moment
Lynley-color Lynley Sides CEO, The Glue Network and Creator, The Gratitude Awards
guru-color Guru Singh Founding Partner, Gratitude Network
chris-color Dr. Chris Pitt Founding Partner, Gratitude Network
randy-color Randy Haykin Founding Partner, Gratitude Network

Agenda Intersection 2013

A unique day-long event on innovation and its effect on the major social issues of our time.
Proceeds from the event will be donated to The Gratitude Network, a social entrepreneur investment fund.

  • 7:45am - Registration in Lobby
  • Location: Charlie’s Cafe

  • 8:30am Welcome & Intersectional Thoughts
  • A welcome from your Google Host and Intersection event Creator
  • Hosts: Lorraine Twohill and Randy Haykin
  • 9:00am Panel #1 – Women @ the Intersection – beyond the gender issue
  • Top women innovators discuss their views on opportunities, strides and intersections of the world’s women…

  • Moderator: Moderator: Jennifer Pahlka

  • Panelists: Helene Gayle, Sheryl WuDunn, Lorraine Twohill

  • 9:45am Artistic creation @ The Intersection
  • Marla Olmstead
  • Interviewed by: Randy Haykin
  • 9:55am Panel #2 – Entrepreneurship@ The Intersection
  • Two company leaders discuss the invention of new means of innovating, communicating and collaborating…
  • Moderator: Tim O’Reilly
  • 10:45am Breakout/ Networking(“Explicit”/industry breakout)
  • “I3″ (intense intersectional interactions) – An opportunity to meet 20-30 movers and shakers in your industry…

  • 11: 45pm One-on-One with a World Series Champion
  • Barry Zito
  • Interviewer: Randy Haykin
  • 12:15pm Six Finalists for the Gratitude Awards – brief presentations
  • An introduction to The Gratitude Awards and short overviews of top award finalists…
  • Featuring 6 award finalists
  • Intro: Lynley Sides
  • 12:30 Lunch & Innovative Start-up Showcase
  • Visit with innovative start-ups and vote for a winner of the “People’s Choice” award

    Lunch served at the Google’s world-famous “Café Charlie”

  • 1:30pm The Click Moment
  • Speaker: Frans Johansson

  • 2:00pm Living in the Click Moment
  • Examples of big Click Moments are explored

    Moderator: Frans Johansson

    Panelists: Evan Williams (Twitter)
    others TBD

  • 2:30pm Panel#3 - Science @ The Intersection
  • Panelists: Steve Jurvetson, Nathan Myhrvold
  • Moderator: Greg Brandeau
  • 3:15pm Break
  • Second opportunity for Unique break-out, group dynamics and networking time

    Snack and drink will be served

  • 3:25pm Panel#4 - Results-driven Education @ The Intersection
  • Moderator: Christopher Pitt (The Gratitude Network)

    Speakers: Eric Nadelstern (NYC Public Schools)
    Maureen Devlin (Wayland Public Schools)

  • 4:15pm - Legends of Social Innovation
  • A Fire-side Chat” with two innovative legends in the fields of entrepreneurship
  • Panelists: Peter Goldmark and Bill Draper
  • Moderator: Randy Haykin
  • 5:00pm Wrap-Up & Awards announcements
  • Announcement and ceremony for the winners of 2013 Gratitude Awards
  • Gratitude team, corporate sponsor lead
  • 5:15pm General Networking/Personal Intersection !
  • General Networking

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Awards The Gratitude Awards

Recognizing ground-breaking social impact through innovation.

The Gratitude Awards honor social entrepreneurs with high potential to move the needle on global social issues through ground-breaking innovations. The 2013 Gratitude Awards recognized non-profits and for-profit social ventures that are focused on education. Winners are recognized annually at The Intersection Event in January.

The Gratitude Awards were established by The Gratitude Network, a unique venture philanthropy organization that mentors and funds innovator social entrepreneurs in non-profit and for-profit organizations, and hosts the annual Intersection Event.

Scroll through for more award details The Prizes, The Requirements, and The Process.

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Awards 2013 Gratitude Award Winners

Runner Up
Audience Pick

2013 Gratitude Award Finalists

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Awards The Prizes 2013

  • One Winner received $15,000; one Runner-Up received $10,000; and one “Audience Pick” (chosen by attendees at the Intersection Event) received $5,000 in funding.
  • The top 5-10 finalists were invited to attend The Intersection Event as an honorary guest and shared their organization with attendees during a “Social Innovation Showcase.”
  • The winner, runner-up and audience pick award winners were received complimentary admission to the 2014 Intersection Event and access to the Gratitude Network partners and their extended network for advice and valuable future intersections.
  • PR value
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Awards The Requirements

Nominees for the 2013 Gratitude Awards were required to be early or growth-stage ventures that have made progress beyond an idea and are seeking funds to launch or expand their organizations. They were open to for-profit or non-profit entities anywhere in the world.

Nominees were measured on their potential for transformative positive impact on education, specifically relative to the following:

  • The strength of the organization’s social mission in education
  • Its actual or potential impact on society
  • How extensively the organization has innovated and how collaboration with other organizations and industries has enabled that innovation
  • The organization’s viability and strength, including strength of leadership
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Awards The Process

Nominations for the Gratitude Awards take place in September and October. In November, an elite panel of judges selects 10 finalists. The Gratitude Network partners will select the Winner and Runner-Up from these finalists. The Audience Pick will be chosen by the attendees at the 2013 Intersection Event, the day of the event.

2014 Nominations will open in September

Learn More

News The Intersection in the Press

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