People The Intersection 2013


Cory Smith

Cory Smith is the CEO of Hub Bay Area, a community for purpose-driven people to connect and build solutions for a better world. He is also the CEO of Social Capital Markets, a conference that connects global innovators working to build a market at the intersection of money and meaning. Previously, Cory was the co-founder and CEO of Webcast Solutions, a company that produced some of the first ever webcasts in Africa, the US and Latin America. StarMedia acquired Webcast Solutions and Cory was the GM of StarMedia Broadband. Prior to Webcast, he co-produced Planetary Dialogues and traveled worldwide producing media in conjunction with UNESCO’s World Heritage Center.

Cory also co-founded MediaCast, a company that produced many of the first webcasts in the world featuring bands, CEO’s and global leaders. Other companies Cory co-founded include a music recording company and a television production company.

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