People The Intersection 2013


Shawn Parr

Shawn brings twenty-two years of strategic marketing, branding and entrepreneurial business building experience to companies that run the gamut from small start-ups to Fortune 500s. After graduating from Askes College in London, Shawn began his career as Director of Sales & Marketing for a division of The Halifax. He moved to the U.S. in 1991 where he founded Bulldog Drummond, and has since built it into a nationally recognized consultancy specializing in go-to-market strategy and brand building. Bulldog Drummond’s clients include such companies as IDEO, Pinkberry, Nike, Adidas, Virgin, Nestlé, Clif Bar, WD-40, American Eagle Outfitters, World Vision, Starbucks, and Westfield to name a few. Both entrepreneurial start-ups and globally recognized brands seek out Shawn’s expertise in creating and refreshing brands, products and strategic business solutions, as well as his collaborative and transformational approach to identifying new business opportunities.

Shawn is fascinated with cultural and human diversity, the blank page, solving challenges and crafting meaningful and authentic stories. Totally focused on creating measurable
change in relationships, companies and the world at large, Shawn believes if it’s broken fix it, if it’s tired breathe new life into it, if it’s been done before do it differently, and if it’s not been done before be the first to try. He sits on the boards of early-stage companies Mellace Family Brands, CleanWell and The Honest Kitchen.

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