Ambassadors Intersection 2013


Benjamin Wald

Managing Partner, Spartan Systems &

Recently, Benjamin became the Senior Technology Advisor after spending over a year as Ashoka’s Changemakers Chief Executive Partner. With Changemakers, he spearheaded and accelerated development of a suite of products geared towards supporting the “everyone a changemaker” vision. Through the Changemakers platform, he is revolutionizing how people connect for social change.

Benjamin found his way into entrepreneurship at a very early age and has continued to invest in and develop businesses ever since. Benjamin is the founder of a software development and consulting company, currently headquartered in Tennessee, and another company focusing on mobile application development, headquartered in Washington, DC. He is an active advisor and investor in early stage technology companies. Benjamin attended Babson College to pursue an education in entrepreneurship and strategic management.

In 2008, Benjamin and his business partner were named two of Business Week’s Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs after securing over $5 million in seed capital for their company building online education software. Benjamin has experience with the roller-coaster highs and sleepless nights of building companies, facilitating private equity raises from seed to series and with his company the process ending with the signature page of an acquisition agreement.

Benjamin has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, BusinessWeek, AOL Money & Finance, Inside HigherEd, WDEF News and CNET Live. Benjamin and his companies have also been featured in various articles on sites such as,,, and

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