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Frans Johansson

The Author
Author, The Medici Effect and The Click Moment

Frans Johansson is an author, entrepreneur, and innovation thought leader who has spoken to audiences worldwide, from Fortune 500 companies to rural villages. He leads The Medici Group with the same passion, force, and energy he exhibits in his keynotes. He founded The Medici Group to move beyond simply inspiring through his talks, and instead work hands on with clients to deliver strategic options, fast.

His debut, The Medici Effect, was an international bestseller that shattered assumptions about how great ideas happen. His follow up book, The Click Moment, obliterates the idea that in business you can plan, strategize, and analyze your way to success.

Frans has been featured on CNN’s AC360, ABC’s Early Morning Show, and CNBC’s The Business of Innovation series.

Raised in Sweden by his African-American/Cherokee mother and Swedish father, Frans has lived all his life at The Intersection™. Prior to The Medici Group, he founded a software company, a healthcare firm, and a hedge fund. He has written articles on healthcare, information technology, and the science of sport fishing. Frans earned his B.S. in Environmental Science from Brown University and his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

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