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Sandy Speicher

Sandy Speicher leads IDEO’s Education practice, which creates positive impact through design by addressing systemic challenges in education. In collaboration with some of the world’s leading thinkers, Sandy has developed strategies to engage parents in national topics of education with the Gates Foundation, partnered with Innova Schools to develop an affordable, high-quality school model for Peru, and helped Carnegie Corporation launch <a title=”100k in 10″ href=”” target=”_blank”>100k in 10</a>—a designed response to President Obama’s call to action to get 100,000 more STEM teachers into the classrooms in the next 10 years, which President Clinton has referred to as a new model for social change. Sandy’s teams have also worked on tangible solutions for classrooms, including the Node Chair for Steelcase, a tablet-based learning platform for middle school students, and online learning platforms for higher education institutions.

She is passionate about design as a process to empower everyone – including students, parents and teachers – to improve the world around them. To this end, Sandy has partnered with <a title=”Riverside School” href=”” target=”_blank”>Riverside School</a> in India to create the Design for Change Contest, which engages students around the globe in creating new solutions for social challenges in their communities, and <a title=”Design Thinking for Educators” href=”” target=”_blank”>Design Thinking for Educators</a>, a free downloadable toolkit that empowers teachers to be change agents in their schools.

While much of Sandy’s work at IDEO focuses on education, she has also launched design solutions in health care, social innovation, and organizational change. Outside IDEO, she serves as a strategic adviser to the K-12 Lab at the Stanford and the Learning, Design, and Technology program in Stanford’s School of Education. She is also on the board of the IQ Collective, a non-profit which helps connect global resources to schools serving the poor in India.

Prior to joining IDEO, Sandy taught visual communications at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and spent six years teaching design thinking to fifth-graders at a public school in San Francisco. She launched her design career at MetaDesign, where she developed visual systems that brought clarity to complexity. Her work included brand development, way-finding graphics, and interactive platforms. Read more about her career journey <a title=”here” href=”” target=”_blank”>here</a>.

Sandy holds an MA in Education from Stanford University and a BFA in Visual Communications from Washington University. She loves to travel and learn by immersing herself in other cultures. She also takes pride in her fairly robust, yet still enigmatic, collection of Mona Lisa kitsch.

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