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Intersection: A World-Changing Mash-Up
Posted: 1/12/12 03:49 PM ET
A movie star, a yogi and an Iraq War veteran walk into a bar…

Ok, not a bar. But no joke, this unlikely group is getting together this weekend, along with about a dozen other movers and shakers, at Pixar Animation Studios for some very serious business.
It’s called Intersection…, a gathering of original thinkers who will spend a full day sequestered together to brainstorm

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Event Embed: Looking for a Message at “The Intersection”
by J. Jennings Moss  Jan 15 2012
What do you find at the meeting point of business, technology, philanthropy and creativity? A day-long conference that owed its high points to the late Steve Jobs and the lessons of host Pixar Studios.

A crowd gathers at Pixar Studios’ headquarters in Emeryville, California for The Intersection’s inaugural conference.
The Intersection was not your typical business conference. Sure, it had lots of talk

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The Medici Effect’s Frans Johansson On The Intersection Of Innovation And Social Change
Johansson argues that all new ideas are just combinations of old ideas. In the realm of social innovation, this means that collaboration with people from different backgrounds is the key to success.

Frans Johansson knows a little something about how the power of creative thinking can create change. The author of The Medici Effect…, Johansson has dedicated himself